TStv Registration Form For New Dealers in Nigeria

Are you also looking for TStv Registration Form for New Dealers In Nigeria? How to Become TStv Dealer in Nigeria? How to Become TStv Agent in Nigeria? then you are the right place. In this post, TStv Dealer Registration Form I will be making my article and explanation very simple so that you can understand how to go about or where to get TStv Registration Form for New Dealers In Nigeria.

How can you actually do this?

I think the first question you need to ask yourself is “Am I really ready to become a Tstv dealer” this is because business folks will want to take advantage of this and make good money from this new opportunity. How after digesting it then you check this out below:

TStv Dealer Registration Requirements

Before your application Form can be approved after submission below are the requirement you really need to meet up with.

  • Registered Business name: You must have a registered business name to become TStv dealer.
  • Telephone: Dedicated working phone number is required
  • Names of owners of the business: To confirm if you really own the business you are submitting.
  • Type of business you are into: They required to know the kind of business you are doing already. All you needed to do is state your current business. This is to say you must have already had a business before you can apply as a dealer.
  • CAC Certificate
  • CAC Form 2
  • CAC Form 7
  • Passport photo
  • Office picture
  • Office picture

Read NowNew TSTv Decoder Agent

These above listed TStv Dealer Requirements are the most needed requirement that will enable you to apply for TStv dealership and if you have all the mentioned requirement all you need to do now is to check below to see How to get the TStv Registration Form For New Dealers in Nigeria and register as a dealer.

TStv Registration Form For New Dealers in Nigeria – How To Register

  • Visit TStv dealer Registration Page HERE
  • Complete the Form with the required Information Correctly
  • Then Click on Submit.

How to know if DStv Dealers application is approved

You will be Contacted via your contact Information you submitted when you Application is Considered.

TStv Customer Service Details: You can Contact the Customer Service for more details, Below are the Contacts to get them

TStv Corporate Headquarters: Plot 1191 Gilmor Layout by Jahi-katampe bridge, Jahi Abuja Nigeria

  • TStv Website: www.tstvafrica.com
  • On Facebook: Facebook.com/TSTVAfrica
  • On Twitter: @tstvafrica

Please use the comment box below for question, recommendation or for more information on www. tstvafrica.com


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