Verify Credit / Debit Card Linked with your PayPal Account – see how to do it if you haven’t

In order to approve with PayPal that you want to use your card on online payment platform, you have to go through the process of signing up, linking your cards and approval.

But by now you should have known that th verification process isn’t just a mene process, because PayPal had to confirm on their end that th card belongs to you, so they debit the card linked, which you’ll definitely receive an SMS for a debit alert or through your printing of Bank Statements.

This days you don’t even have to stress going to the bank for printing of Statement of Account when the Bank do sents to your email on weekly, monthly or yearly bases – all depends what you subscribed for.

Also, mobile banking and Internet banking has made it even more convenenet for us to login online banking account to check transactions made within a specific period of time selected.

When I wrote the previous information regarding card linking with Paypal account, with a pratical image illustration, I was instantly applying it.

Now I recently received the code for the account used on this tutorial page.

I waited for the SMS but didn’t get it, I even had to reapply on Paypal for a new code, that is the reason you will be seeing two different codes sent, so will be using the latest of it.

How to Verify Credit / Debit Card Linked with your PayPal Account

Image of Linking Card in PayPal

The first among All is checking that your code has arrived, and if you confirm that, then you should proceed to logining into your paypal account.

  1. Login to that PayPal account – see this article on how to login here
  2. Click the settings icon (should see that at the top of the page, close to “Log out” button).
  3. From the list of menu (at the left side of the screen, if you are using a PC) click on “My Payments”. The “My payment” is where you add or remove or edit information about your card, bank account and more. So click that!
Link to verify card on paypal

4. Once you click on link to open a new page.

Enter card code verify Paypal
verify card on paypal

Click the “Done” button to move you away from this page, likewise other screen page that comes after.

Now that you have confirmed your card, PayPal will lift your spending or withdrawal limits.

In case you also want to link your Bank Account to Paypal, click here to see complete guide.

Hope the information on this page was helpful?

Simply drop your comment for any contibution or questions, we are here to attend to it all.


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