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Is it okay to go through with VK signup without phone number? The answer is YES but how do yo get stated? Remember vk has a registration process and the process involves you inputting a mobile phone number.

Now, when i joined VK i followed the traditional means which is to sign up vk account using an email address, now things have changed, technology have also advanced, so with the modifications which has taken place in Vkontakte, it now requires that users use a mobile phone number while creating an account.

VK is a social media networking app and the second most used after Facebook; it is popular in Russia and in some European countries. The app allows users to meet with their old and new classmates. Well it all started with this interest anyway where users can log in to chat with old and new classmates.

VK users said, they can now use it to make friends, learn languages, chat, gain access to huge data base of musics. When lonely, you can easily login to VK to chat with friends and loved ones. Students can from the app download books and apps which may be relevant to their courses in school.

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VK Registration

While trying to gain access to VK you will need to apply for an account; now just like Facebook you can be able to create an account without a mobile phone number, then after creating an account you can input your phone number, but for some reasons which security is one of it, most social networking app like VK requires that users sign up an account with a mobile phone number. which means that the traditional way or format which i used is no longer in vougue.

VKontakte Registration Requirements

Find out below the things you will need to sign up a vk social media account:

  • a username and password
  • email address
  • mobile phone number
  • full name
  • country and location

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Why You Need Vk Account

  • it’s a popular app, so you can join to become popular too.
  • meet your old classmates and even new ones
  • download musics and other items
  • language is available in Russian, English and others
  • meet with Russian friends
  • it’s absolutely easy to use and free to join
  • make friends and learn languages
  • has an app
  • start an adventure.

VK Signup without Phone Number, Why it’s Necessary

Yahoo requires that a user while registering an account will not only document his mobile phone number but will also enter his country code, this is to enable yahoo reset the users password when in need. So also is VK, the reason VK requires your mobile phone number to create users account is to avoid spam messages from entering their devices and also to reset their password when requested.

Other Reasons why VK uses Mobile Phone number to Create Your Account:

VK Signup without Phone Number

  • for validation process
  • to protect your page
  • to protect your account

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VK Registration with Mobile Number

To sign up Vk account, you can use these steps:

  • open your browser and log on to https://vk.com/
  • move down to the second form and start filling.

VK Signup without Phone Number

  • insert your name, date of birth, select gender
  • click on country registration
  • enter your mobile phone number and county code
  • click on get a code
  • verify your phone number and welcome to your page.

VK Registering with Facebook

  1. go to www.vk.com
  2. scroll down to click on join with facebook
  3. confirm your facebook login details and here you are.

VK registration is free, so enjoy all the features as much as you want.

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  1. Alex Kuehn

    How to signup for VK without phone number getting error message, “Please enter phone number in International format. ( I.e., +1 000 0000000 )”?

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