Wattpad Account – Sign Up For Wattpad Books

Do you aspire to be great writer or more so want a good site where you can post and get real interesting stories  then its time to create a Wattpad Account so as to make it a dream come true.

In the life of writers and readers in general, wattpad as an application has played an essential role. You see, wattpad is not just a writing and reading application.

On wattpad now, writes can easily earn money by placing ads in between the chapters of their watt pad stories.

Wattpad Books is an easy extension of Wattpad that allows users to view and read Book via their Wattpad account.

Wattpad books are so many that they feature different categories. In fact, if you are a reader, you will never get bore on Wattpad.

Wattpad categories are Wattpad hot stories, Wattpad romance stories, Wattpad high school stories, Wattpad billionaire stories, Wattpad billionaire romance stories, Wattpad interesting stories and so much more.

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How to Sign up for a Wattpad Account

For you to be able to use any feature of Wattpad, You have to be logged in first and since you don’t have a login credential, you have to create one. To create a Wattpad login credential, you have to create a Wattpad account. To create a Wattpad account;

  • Visit the official Wattpad website at https://www.wattpad.com.
  • On the Wattpad official website,
  • Click on the start writing icon.
  • Enter your personal details such as your username, email and password. Alternatively you can continue with your Facebook account or with your Google account.
  • If you fill in your personal details, click on the start writing icon at the bottom of the screen and watch your account creation successful.
  • Now choose what you would like to do and click on next.
  • Enter the details that describe you as a writer and answer the question that follows.
  • Enter your gender and click on the next icon.

That is it; you will be successfully logged in to your Wattpad account. However, you should bear in mind to keep your Wattpad username and password secure. Simply confirm your email and you have full access to Wattpad and all of its features.

Wattpad login – Wattpad Books

If you already have a wattpad account and you wish to login, you can simply do so in some few steps. To login your wattpad account;

  • Visit the official Wattpad website at www.wattpad.com.
  • Click on the login button at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter your username and password which are your login credentials and click on the login button.

Once you successfully do that, you will be automatically logged in your Wattpad account and you can start writing or reading right away.

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