What is Unique About the New Whatsapp Beta Features?

It is quite likely that even though you’re more familiar with a certain type of app or social network, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know all the features associated with it. That’s why you need to be on alert prior to getting notifications of an update. And now, it has come to terms that much are not said or noticed about the new Whatsapp beta features which have been updated. These new features are available to access in the specific beta version of Whatsapp. Not that the features added tends to pave a way to the original features it has, but rather it’s just an upgrade to sharpen the functionality of the social app. This site has prepared for you interesting things you need to know about the new Whatsapp beta features for your swift access.

Given the fact that this social network continues to rack up much more users, the corporation has not relented in providing new and interesting features for its users. Prior to the terms that it possesses variety of functionalities like; sending of instant messages, engaging in chats with family and friends, and even sharing of files to other users, the service has continued to gain ground in the mobile world towards making it more accessible for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC, Windows Phone, Symbian s60, Nokia Java Phones, Blackberry, and other devices. The essence of this is just to give an extra uniqueness to the service and thereby given its users extra motivation and taste via using the app. Without further talks, all you need to know about the new Whatsapp beta features have been properly highlighted for you.

About the New Whatsapp Beta Features

The updated features for the social service have been listed and highlighted below.

Share your Current Location Online

With this new feature, you can be able to share the location where you’re currently hooked in at the moment online. This allows your friends to be able to know and confirm where you are currently. So there’s no need for you to bother about showing someone where you are when you know that with just one flick, you’ll just show to the person for confirmation.

In order to do it, you’ll have to open a friend’s chat > then click on the options > you’ll see “Share Live Location” then tap on it.

Stream YouTube Videos Online

This new feature of Whatsapp now allows iOS users to play YouTube videos while you’re online chatting. Now, you need to minimize or log out in order to access your YouTube for online streaming. All you need do is just to watch the video of a YouTube link sent to you directly via your Whatsapp chat. This feature is yet to be updated in Android but it’s still in the process.

Re-edit Wrong Sent Texts

If you’re the type that normally makes mistake with typographical issues, this feature is just a right deal for you. Whatsapp now makes it possible for users who have already sent wrong text to still edit and send it so far the person you’re sending to have not yet received the message, but can only be re-edited for a maximum of seven times.

In order to do this, you’ll have to select the message you want to re-edit > Hold the message and click on delete > Select the “Delete for me” caption.

Manage your Chats

This feature allows you to determine and control the number of messages you want on your Whatsapp chat. It’s practically true that your messages are determined by your contacts and their willingness to be sending you messages. But should there be any case where you’ll want to stop receiving messages from any of them; this new Whatsapp beta offers you the great deal using the Pin chats option.

Mark Chats as Read and Unread

This is another feature developed by this new Whatsapp. It has come to terms that some people do receive various amounts of messages on their Whatsapp without necessarily stating when and how to detect an important message, simply because they don’t feel like reading them at the moment thereby just ticking on the messages. So the new Whatsapp beta features 2018 offers you the mindset to mark some messages as Unread with the reason of noting and to read them whenever you feel like, or to mark as read if you don’t feel like reading the message even though it’ll still appear to the sender that you’ve read it.

To do this, just tap on the chat you want to mark > long-press the chat > then tap on “Mark as Unread” for the chat to show you that you’ve not read it. On the other way round, you can just long-press the chat you’ve marked as Unread or the one you newly received but don’t want to read > then click on the option “Mark as Read” for it to seem as if you’ve read it.

Back up Chats via Google Drive

This feature is because of the fact that most users do delete their chat history knowingly or unknowingly as the case may be. Or even an occurrence of the prospect that you lost your Phone and bought a new one, you can still back up your deleted chat via the use of an easy-way Google Drive.

To perform this task, you need to go to the Menu > then locate Settings > tap on Chats and Calls > then click on Chat Backup > you’ll see option Google Drive Settings, then tap on it to set it up.

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