WhatsApp Status Download On Android and PC

WhatsApp Status Download – Many At times our Friends get to post Funny Videos and Dope Status on their Whatsapp Status we view and watch but are unable to download them down to our Storage devices because that is the way it is designed to be on Whatsapp.

Here in this post we have taken out our time to put together ways in which you can now go about to download all Whatsapp status and also How to download video from WhatsApp status

You can find WhatsApp status by clicking on the “Status” tab on your mobile phone or the broken circle on WhatsApp web app.

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How To Download WhatsApp Status

There are two ways to save WhatsApp status on your phone. It’s either you find it in your phone’s file manager and download without the App Downloader or you use a WhatsApp status App.

Without App

To download and save a WhatsApp status without installing any app, follow the steps below

  • Go to file manager
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner
  • Click on show hidden files
  • Locate and click on WhatsApp folder
  • Click on media
  • Click on Statuses
  • You will all the recent status
  • Copy any Status (image, video or gif)
  • Past it to any folder you e.g. download folder 
  • You have successfully downloaded and save Whatsapp status without app

How To Save Whatsapp Status On Desktop Or Laptop

You can actually download and save Whatsapp status on laptop using WhatsApp web. In case you don’t know how to connect your WhatsApp web, here is how to do it.

  • Open any web brower of your choice
  • Visit WhatsApp web
  • Open Whatsapp  on your phone
  • Go to menu and click on WhatsApp web
  • Scan the bar code on your system with your phone
  • Your WhatsApp web is now connected

Now that you have connected  your WhatsApp web, let’s see how to download the and save Whatsapp status.

Download And Save Whatsapp Web Status

The Whatsapp Web status could also be saved and below is it’s steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp web
  • Go to status
  • View the status you want to download
  • Right click on it
  • Click on save as
  • Save to any location of your choice

You have successfully  save whatsapp on your laptop or desktop

How To Download And Save WhatsApp Status App On Android Phone

This is another way you can use and download WhatsApp status to your Android phone but you need to install an app called Status Saver . 

This app allows you to save Whatsapp status directly to your Android phone. All you have to do is to download it from Google Play Store

After downloading and installing this App, follow the steps below to save a WhatsApp status to your phone.

  • Open status saver
  • Locate the locate the video, gif or image you want to download
  • Click on it
  • Click on the + button
  • Click on save

You have successfully downloaded the WhatsApp status. You can also repost the status with this app .

On iPhone

iPhone Users can As well download Whatsapp Status too and below is how it could be done.

  • Uninstall Original WhatsApp
  • Go to Buildstore to sign up and register your iOS device
  • Open Safira and go to WhatsApp++
  • Click on install button to install WhatsApp++
  • Open Whatsapp++ and register with your phone number
  • Open the app and click on the Status page to view the Status you want to download
  • When viewing the photo or video that you want to download,  just click on the Download button in the bottom right corner. The file will be downloaded to your Camera Roll

Now you can get the Status Updates you want instead of chatting your friends up and requesting them to DM you their Status Updates and Videos…

You can use our comment section below for more inquiries on How to Download/ Save WhatsApp Status Videos on Android and also use the Share Icon button to Share this post to family and friends as SHARING IS CARING…

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