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If you want to buy your Bitcoin as fast and easy as possible, then you have to try out Bitit cryptocurrency exchange. This service offers you the chance to make transactions on Bitcoin anytime you decide to. Its most notable feature is the ability to make quick purchases with cash or card, from different parts of the world no matter the place you are. Vital tips you need to know about Bitit Bitcoin transactions have been highlighted for you on this site.

Being based in Paris, Bitit operates in more than fifty countries around the world. The service offers you a selling and delivery service on Bitcoin. Having based in Europe where it has a more payment option, its prices are in Euros but the payment process is still the same with other countries. Read further below so as to know the proper review of Bitit Bitcoin transactions.

How does Bitit Bitcoin Transactions Works?

For you to be able to startup, it’s important for you to be properly updated on this service, and how the Bitit Bitcoin transactions realy works.

The very first step is for you to create an account on Bitit where you’ll be eligible to buy up to (25euros) of Bitcoin without the need for a verification. But if you decide to make further purchases after that, you’ll then need to verify your identity thereby placing an order that ranges between the initial (25euros to 250euros) and wait for your delivery to be done in just some few minutes depending on how busy the network is at the time and how long it takes you to get a prepaid cash voucher or your credit card numbers. Summarily, you’re limited to €500 every seven days without verifying your identity, and the pre-order limits are €25 to €250. There’s no limit on the number of orders you can place, though.

As stated before, Bitit accepts only euros, but there is the probability of you making purchases with other currencies but additional exchange fees are been incurred, more especially making use of a card. If you’re based in the US, there are different payment methods for you like:

  1. Prepaid cash voucher through Neosurf of Cashlib.
  2. Via a 3D-Secure credit card, namely; Visa card, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express.
  3. Again, by TrustyPay Bank Transfer.
  4. Or by Epay e-wallet.

If you’re making transactions with Cashlib or Neosurf, the service rate fee ranges from 5.9% to 11.9%. Then as for any of the 3D-Secure credit cards, you’ll be charged a service rate fee of about 6.9%. While TrustyPay charges fee within the rate of 3%. But you have to bear in mind that additional fees are charged depending on your payment method. Various kinds of additional fees being charged are:

  1. Cost of buying prepaid cash voucher which is charged by the store where you made your purchase.
  2. Foreign exchange fees when paying with a credit card.
  3. And also, an additional credit card or transaction fees charged by your bank prior to overseas credit card payment.

When thinking of security, Bitit is quite safe and legit service delivery. It has a number of physical locations in France and few located in the US. It also deals with an active social media presence and an ever-presence online service. One major attribute of its security service is the fact that it encrypts its data and maintains the levels of security you’d expect from any service that handles customer credit card numbers online. The customer service is also active 24/7 if you want to contact Bitit either on social media or through the site.

Pros and cons of Bitit

If you want to switch to Bitit, it’s better we highlight the Pros and Cons of this service for you so as to know what you’re signing for.


  1. It is very quick and simple for transaction access.
  2. Again, you can be able to pay online with credit card or with cash via prepaid cash vouchers.


  1. One thing about the service is that its commission fee is relatively high.
  2. It also has a strict per-transaction order limit.

Just visit the site here and get started >>> https://bitit.io/

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