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Instagram is another popular social community where every registered member follows latest celebrity news and event and on your own share your moment to the world at large. Instagram Account Registration is free and doesn’t require much to setup an Instagram profile account.

This page has covered how to create a new Instagram account and maintain your profile account.

www.instagram.com Sign Up

The www.instagram.com Sign Up was never as simple as it is today. What I meant is that before now you can’t access Instagram on PC rather you will have to download Instagram App before you can create new account or log in to your account.

This day, Instagram has launched a Web-page where you can as well do the same thing you do when you sign in with your Mobile App.

But before going into the full guide on how to create a new Instagram account, I would want you to use this link here to Sign In to your account if that is what you were searching for (that is if you already have an existing account on Instagram).

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How to Create New Account on www.instagram.com Sign Up Page

The official website to do this is www.instagram.com. And we are assuming that you are signing up for this account Mobile or PC web browser (NOT via App).

www.instagram.com Sign Up

  1. Lunch your mobile or PC browser, then enter www.instagram.com
  2. When the page opens, you will see already a Login box, but below it click Sign Up
  3. At this point, You need to file the form. This requires you to provide your email account address, Full Name, create username and password.
  4. Click Sign Up

Now you need to login to your email account and verify your Instagram Account Registration before you can start editing, uploading, following and creating short videos on the Instagram account.

How to Sign Up Instagram Via Instagram Mobile App

  1. Download the Instagram app for iOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play Store or Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, tap to open it.
  3. Enter your email address and tap Next
  4. Then you will fill your name, email account and Phone number, also create username and password
  5. Then log in to your email account and verify our

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Alternatively, Way To Sign Up Instagram Account Without Email Address

You can alternatively Log In to Facebook to sign up an Instagram account with your Facebook account.With this, your email account will not be needed, rather Instagram will use (Sync) every of your information to create a profile details on Instagram.



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