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For so many reasons many people love to open a new email account with a @yahoo.co.uk. We have been receiving so many many asking how possible and how to open www.YahooMail.co.uk mail account, this page should educate you on all of that and also learn other things you should know about.

YAHOO! has a domain extension, but the commonest one few know about is the Yahoo.com and the Yahoomail.com. Now depending on the country, you are accessing yahoo mail website – then the domain address extension will change to it. For example, the www.YahooMail.co.uk is a UK yahoo extension.

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If you actually want to open account from www.YahooMail.co.uk then you have to visit the site then click on create new account or sign up, then fill up the form and confirm your phone number with the code that will be sent to your phone, after that you have just created a .co.uk yahoo mail account.



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