Yahoo Email Signup Malaysia – Registration Form

Yahoo! Email is a free email service allowing registered users to send and receive emails, save files, chat with the messenger, organize email. and more. every Yahoo email users have free storage space of up to 100 GB to store any files and can be accessed from other devices. Also on the aspect of Spam messages, Yahoo helps filter message and send them to the spam folder where you can now delete permanently.

If you are on this page then it means you want to learn how to create a free yahoo email account. But if you already have an account, you want to login your account then click here. Or proceed with creating your free account now.

Yahoo Email Signup Malaysia

We’ve come across seeing people search for how to create an email account for a specific country. Yes, you can do that. But all registration form is the same in the sense of proving your name, password and type of an email address you wanted.

The different part is the Phone number and Country code. By default when you access yahoo email registration from your country, your country code is already in the box. Or when you use the official Yahoo website for your country – the same way the country’s code is fixed already.

At this point, you enter your phone number.

At this point, you can’t enter a USA phone number when the country code is Malaysia – and to enable you to receive the verification code to active and complete the Signup process you have to enter a correct/valid phone number for Malaysia.

Now, let’s get started with the by providing the official Yahoo Email Signup Malaysia page to make it easier and faster for you.

Step-by-step on Yahoo Email Signup Malaysia Account

Fist step of creating a new yahoo email account is visiting the website. But already you should have taken note of how your email should look like.

Example of an email address:

  • and so on…

You may even want to use your name or something else -sweet and easy to remember, you may want to add numbers or make it play alphabet, and so on.

1. Visit the Official website

To get started, visit the new account registration website. For Malaysia yahoo email website it’s; “” This website address leads to Malaysia YahoEmail registration form.

2. Enter Your Full Name

The first box on the form is to enter your name. Your first name comes first before your surname.

3. Enter or Choose The Email Address to register

This is where you have to make a decision to register the email address you ever desired. But must times when we type in the email we want – it may not be available, so alternatives surface to select from.

Alternatively, in a situation whereby you do not want to register – Fine! You are very free to register with other email address such as,,,, etc… You should see a link below “I’d rather use my own email address” click it and enter the email you want to register. You should notice that on the form there will be no restriction that your email must be


  • by creating an account with your own already existing account – you no longer need a phone number to verify your registration. This is just an alternative way to create a New Yahoo email account without a phone number.
  • make sure the website is functioning and accessible to verify the yahoo email registration.
  • you can use any kind of email address as long as its a working email address.

4. Enter Mobile Phone Number 

If you still want to register an email with then you will By default the country code

Yahoo Signup Malaysia account

In a situation where the code doesn’t appear, use the drop-down menu to select the country you are signing up from (Malaysia).

5. Enter your Date of Birth (DOB)

Yahoo mail DOB form

The first is to click on the drop-down menu select the month you were born. The next beside it, type in the day, then the next is the year.

6. Select Your Gender

Your gender could be either a Male or a Female. However, Yahoo made it optional, so you can skip this part, if not tap or click on the box to see the option and select from.

7. Submit Your Registration Form

Check and confirm you entered your information correctly. Once you are happy, click on “Continue” to submit the form.


8. Request for Yahoo Verification Code

Yahoo mail sms code image

At this point is where you confirm that the phone number is correct for the last time, then requestion for the code. Which will be sent as an SMS. Now check the phone and use the code. It takes less than 10 seconds to receive Yahoo Verification code.

9. Your Yahoo Email Signup Malaysia Account is Completed

Yahoo Account completion

The next is a congratulation message that you have completed the process. Now you can click on “Let’s Get Started” to login your new account. Meanwhile, Yahoo will show you through the features and how to use the account. If you want that you can go through the Tutorial tour. Or skip and start using the account.

Signup YahooMail Account With Mobile Phone

It isn’t any different from the steps above. But the only and first thing to do is download Yahoo Mail Mobile App for your mobile device. The Yahoo mobile looks like this (see image below);


Yahoo Mail Mobile Sign Up

To start creating an account you click “Create a Yahoo Account” then you see the above forms and process to complete your registration.

Download Yahoo email App

Use any of the links below to download Yahoo app that suits your kind of phone.


You can add other emails like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL mail – to enable you to access all your emails in one platform.



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