Yandex Create New Account | Yandex Mail Registration Page Mail Email is one of the mostly used email address which has and other extensions as the drive home address, It has so many active account users with major patronages from India and China.

Most Yandex account users especially those who sign up yandex account, had acquired login information to login to their accounts. Such login details are basically given to them and them alone. Anyway, you are here for yandex create new account steps and so you will be learning all that you need know about Yandex.

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Features of Yandex

  • start your mailing experience with one of the best email service provider.
  • yandex has more that 13GB for you to store your files.
  • has a spam removal.
  • you can sign up yandex email account for free.
  • Smartphones users can access yandex portal and also be able to create yandex using their phones.
  • Yandex has an app; download yandex app for free.
  • read up yandex news and enjoy all yandex services.
  • use yandex browser to make a search.
  • it’s a simple and mobile friendly website.
  • you can create new yandex email account for free.

N/B: Yandex email service guarantees you hundred percent daily access to it’s portal, So even if you don’t consider yandex create new account, you can check out other packages that can favor you.

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Yandex Registration Portal

Yandex registration portal and also login portal is at, you can sign up an account there, login and access all the privileges which you desired from there.

Yandex Create New Account

  • open your chrome, UC Puffin, UC, and any other browser you have and log on to
  • already at the page, you can start filling up the form.
  • enter your name, your desired email address and all the things required.
  • click on register when your are done.
  • verify your registration and here is your account.

Yandex Mail Login

You have succeeded in creating yandex email account, so here is how to login:

  • go to
  • click on login.
  • enter your login details and click on sign in.

Hope this guide was helpful enough? You can now go right away to practicalize what you’ve learnt.


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